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Welcome to the Kirkland Mine Forum. The purpose of this site is to share information on the proposed re-opening of a Tuff Mine located just east of Iron Springs Road, about halfway between Kirkland and Skull Valley. The proposed new mining operation is much larger in scale than historic use.

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Local Impact:
Since the small quarry closed in the early 1980’s, about 50 homes have been built on property adjacent to the Mine. These homeowners, and the Skull Valley and Kirkland communities at large, have identified serious local impacts ranging from noise to diminishing the aquifer that supplies residential wells, to hazardous dust, to inadequate emergency response infrastructure, to destruction of a beautiful quiet community. Click HERE for more on Local Impact.

Regional Impact:
The Mine would impact a large swath of Yavapai County because carcinogenic material will be hauled via dump truck on many roads through residential areas and past schools, churches, and businesses, YET the Mine, which is located on BLM land, would pay very minimal property taxes.
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The mine is located on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The mineral rights are claimed by a San Diego-based family business incorporated as the Kirkland Mining Company. The company estimates that A BILLION TONS of material is contained within its claims.
The 320 acre mine area includes several small side canyons off of Copper Basin Wash, one of which has a small perennial flowing stream. It is a haven for wildlife including canyon wren, bobcat, bald and golden eagles, hawks, etc.
winter, Copper Basin Wash in middle of 320 acre claim293

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