5/23/15 BLM Environmental Assessment Determination

“I made the the NEPA determination that an environmental assessment will be required to analyze the proposed 2.6 acre volcanic tuff stockpile removal operation. We met with the company Thursday to inform them about the process and what will be required. The environmental assessment will begin with a public meeting to scope (get input on) the issues for analysis, which will be held in the Skull Valley area hopefully in late June or July. That kicks off the environmental analysis which culminates in the preparation of a draft environmental assessment document. The draft environmental assessment is provided to any stakeholder or interested citizen for input, which considered before finalizing and publishing the document. Based on that, the BLM (I) will decide whether to approve or deny the proposal. The process usually takes about six months. “

— Rem Hawes 
    Hassayampa Field Manager 
    BLM Phoenix District 
    21605 N 7th Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85027 • 623-580-5530