What You Can Do

1. Write letters, via email or US Mail to local and State politicians.

Representative Paul Gosar is Chairman of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, and has real influence over the BLM. Representative Gosar has not taken a public position on the proposed Kirkland Mine.

Click HERE for address information for Representative Paul Gosar

Click HERE for all address information.

The most useful comments are SPECIFIC, and identify relevant issues. YOUR comments are valuable!

Click HERE for summaries of some major issues that have been identified.

Click HERE for some great examples of written comments.

2. Spread the word to people living along the truck routes (Iron Springs Road, Williamson Valley Road, Pioneer Parkway, Outer Loop, Chino Valley, Highway 89 through Yarnell, Congress, etc.). And encourage them to write letters.
Click HERE for a trifold color brochure to print and distribute.

3. Donations accepted at GoFundMe.com\stopthemine
We are all volunteers; funds will be used for general expenses such as cost of printing, banners, bumper stickers, domain names, etc.

If you prefer, mail a check written to Guardians of the Rural Environment (501c3) with "Stop the Mine" in the memo line, to P.O. Box 425 Yarnell, AZ 85362. You will receive a receipt.

4. Call your County Supervisor:

Rowe Simmons 928-771-3206
Craig Brown 928-771-3207
Randy Garrison 928-639-8110
Tom Thurman 928-771-3393

5. Call your Mayor:

Harry Oberg (Prescott) 928-777-1100
Darryl Croft (Chino Valley) 928-636-2646