Regional Impacts

The Kirkland Mine would impact a large swath of Yavapai County, including the communities of Prescott, Chino Valley, Paulden, Williamson Valley, Skull Valley, Kirkland, Peeples Valley, Yarnell, Congress, and Wickenburg.

1. Truck traffic on Iron Springs Road, Williamson Valley Road, Outer Loop Road, Highway 89 North, Highway 89 South.
Mining Plan of Operation calls for up to 85 truck trips per day, heading North and South on Iron Springs Road.

- Dangerous conditions for those commuting to jobs and school, and for bicyclists, motorcyclists, and drivers enjoying a scenic ride. Marked increase in accidents and fatalities are predicted.

- Material being transported through neighborhoods and past schools and businesses is composed primarily of silica, which is carcinogenic.

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- Decreased property values along the trucking routes estimated at 10 - 30%

- Heavy truck traffic will cause damage to roads and lead to much higher road maintenance costs.

2. 35,000 gallons PER DAY of precious Yavapai County water would be used for dust suppression at the Mine.

3. The Mine, which is located on BLM land, would pay very minimal property tax to the County or local school districts, and would create only a very small handful of jobs (<10)

4. The Mine would restrict public access to a rare riparian canyon popular with birders, hikers, horseback riders, families, and geologists.